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to unify the country. did the chinese media see this as a possibility? >> translator: no, i don't think so. i don't think china uses japan because the increasing tension between the countries would cause problems here. it would not help unify the country at all. the problems with japan are a double-edged sword. china has never used external issues to unify the nation. i don't think chinese leaders will take such methods to achieve their goals. >> hu also expressed his expectations of japan's new leader, shinzo abe. >> translator: i don't believe abe wants soured relations with china. i think he needs to not only think but also to take appropriate actions. i want the japanese prime minister to improve relations with china through what he says and what he does. >> hu stressed leaders on both sides need to deepen mutual understanding. he added, the media also has a role to play in improving bilateral relations. >>> china's rise brought it wealth. pollution threatens their health. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." >>> students at a university in north carolina got a surprise v
that the fault is not active. >> reporter: but the investigators are standing firm. tanaka says people don't understand all the mysteries of nature. he says he learned that lesson two years ago. >> translator: we lack the minds to humbly face the cause of various accidents. i have been weary of the culture not doubting the safety myth. the accident at fukushima provided a good opportunity to change that. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe suggested his government may consider reintroducing more nuclear power and even allowing for the construction of new facilities. >> translator: the government will go over what we have learned about the nuclear accident and check the progress of the nuclear safety technology. i'd like to carefully consider whether new plants can be built. it will take a certain amount of time. >> reporter: tanaka says he and his staff need to work without interference. >> translator: the idea to give certain independence to our organization came from the current leading party, even before taking power. so i believe the government will honor our independence.
don't matter. >> reporter: a new restaurant opened last month. the food is being well received. the manager is this man. when this japanese chain is set to open first branch in china, he was the first person they turned to as a businessman. he has been working in the restaurant industry in china for 12 years. currently he manages 70 restaurants in shanghai. he has established himself in china now. getting there has been a long, hard journey. the first time he tried setting up a restaurant there in 2005, he had a restaurant that was vandalized just before it was set to open. another time his employees went on a strike. after last year's anti-japanese protests, he lost many customers. even so, he has managed to overcome every situation. in spite of the chilly relations people in shanghai are becoming very keen on japanese food. he sees massive potential in china's huge market. >> translator: if japan detached itself from china, its economy would falter. that would be bad. and it would be the same for china, too. i don't think the anti-japanese sentiments are a hurdle that can't b
,000 foreign maids work in the country. >> she's very helpful. we don't have a maid at home. >> reporter: but the abuse of servant is widespread. in december, officials revealed that in a single suburb, 105 maids had been confined and forced to work without wages. many of them were young indonesian women, a fact that sent shockwaves through both countries. here is a shelter for indonesian workers. more than 60 people, mostly maids, are living under the protection of indonesian government. >> reporter: tina is our 27-year-old maid from central java. she came to malaysia five years ago. countless scars on her body are reminders of the violence she suffered while working for a family in the suburb of kuala lumpur. >> translator: the entire family abused me for no reason. they cut me with knives, scissors and spoons. >> reporter: she was denied proper treatment for her injuries. a knife wound grew worse until she had to have a finger amputated. fearing her life was in danger she fled to a nearby house in october 2011. how can such abuse continue? brokers in both countries introduce maids to
after a short break. don't go away. >> this is also a big election year in germany. the general election will not take place until the autumn, but political parties are already gearing up for a hectic year of campaigning. >> the social democrat or supporting open their pick, but he has plunged in the opinion polls. >> the campaign is barely under way, but already he is losing ground. no comment on why his support has plummeted in the latest poll by the biggest broadcaster. the 55% of the electorate would back angela merkel compared to 30% for the competitor. merkel's ratings are up and the competitor down 9%. the social democrats were hoping the election would turn them to government, but the numbers do not add up. asked about the level of competence, they give angela merkel top marks. previous the one of the most unpopular populations is now ahead. the leader of the free democratic party says they are just that 17%. it is a strong start to the year for angela merkel. despite concerns the ftp may not make it back, she now has her main rival firmly on their back foot. >> of course we are
attitudes will begin to change. >> i don't know how much of security will change, even after all of this. i hope it will be out there in the minds of some people, some kind of consciousness will come. >> prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty if the men are convicted, but experts caution that moving too quickly could give the defendant's for appeal if they are found guilty -- defendants grounds for appeal if they are found guilty. >> the crowd gathered in the southern chinese city of guangzhou. they laid chrysanthemums, a flower traditionally used that chinese funerals. the demonstration came after government censors blocked a new year's article in the popular liberal newspaper, calling for greater reforms from the communist party's newly elected leader xi jinping. egypt has resumed talks with the international monetary fund over a 3.6 billion euro loan to help stabilize the country's currency. >> the value of the egyptian pound has slid to record lows against the us dollar in recent weeks as egyptian purchase foreign currencies out of fear the economy could collapse. two ye
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6